X1 X-AOC combination

aftercooler/oil coolers

nano understand your needs and has created the nano X1 range of high performance aftercooler products to ensure the performance and energy efficiency of downstream compressed air treatment equipment at an affordable price with unrivaled reliability.

Available from 5 to 500 hp, the X-AOC Series is a complete a􀀁fercooler and oil cooler package designed to work on most rotary air compressors.  The package includes an a􀀁fercooler/oil cooler, fan, motor, guards and moun􀀂ting brackets.  Ideal for conver􀀂ting water cooled compressors to air cooled or for remote moun􀀂ting the cooling package from the compressor.

support materials 

X1 X-AOC aftercooler/oil coolers

n-psi-X-AOC-00-US (2)_SINGLE-1.jpg

ISO 8573 compressed air quality standards

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