F2 compressed air &
compressed gas flanged filters

Clean and oil-free compressed air is easily achieved with the nano range of F2 performance validated compressed air and compressed gas flanged filters. These high capacity flanged filters are fabricated from high quality carbon steel and are primed externally for exceptional corrosion resistance.


The nano F2 flanged filters provide:


  • Improved filtration performance for high flow industrial applications

  • Reliable & efficient liquid & particulate removal with low pressure drop

  • 1.0 & 0.01 micron particulate and coalescing filters for dust, oil & aerosol removal

  • AC activated carbon filter for vapor removal performance to .003 ppm

  • Specialized filter elements for high temperature applications

  • 17 models in two flow configurations from 1,410 to 10,230 scfm at 100 psig

  • ANSI flanged connections ranging from 4” to 10” diameter

  • Built in accordance with ASME VIII with a U-Stamp and CRN number*

  • Higher pressures, higher temperatures, stainless steel...all available upon request


* CRN number standard on all Z Flow filters, and optional on all T Flow filters.

High Capacity Flanged Fabricated Compressed Air Filter

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F2 compressed air & compressed gas flanged filters

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