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nitrogen gas generators
for edible oils

During the production of edible oils, product is stored in tanks awaiting packaging and/or further processing.  The introduction of oxygen to the process would be detrimental to the oils resulting in spoilage of the product.  As a result, oxygen must be kept to approved levels via “tank blanketing” where an inert gas, the most economical being nitrogen, is introduced to a storage tank to counter the negative effects of oxygen.  Low-pressure nitrogen gas at a purity of 98% to 99.5% depending upon the product fills the vapor space above the edible oil creating a barrier to deter the material from coming into contact with the oxygen.

Recognizing the importance of having a safe, reliable and cost effective supply of high purity nitrogen for edible oil production, nano designed and developed this complete range of nitrogen gas generators for the application.

The ECOGEN2 and GEN2 nitrogen gas generator ranges offer a unique design and energy saving function and  a number of significant advantages over delivered gas options as well as traditional generator designs.

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nitrogen gas generators for edible oils

nitrogen gas generators for edible oils brochure

ISO 8573 compressed air quality standards

GEN2 nitrogen gas generator